Check Your UAN Status : How to Get UAN from EPF Number online on Unified Member Portal?

Check your UAN Status : The EPFO ( Employee Provident Fund Organisation ), India is offering a great online service named Unified Member Portal or UAN Member Portal for employees contributing provident fund. The main advantage of this UAN Portal is transparency in Provident Funds Status, UAN Status, PF Balance and to ease the process of EPF Claims. We are going to share step by step information on “How to Check your UAN Status?

One must know his/her Employee Provident Fund Number in order to check yourr UAN Status. If you don’t know your EPF No then, Please ask your employer. You can also find you PF Number on your Salary Slip. If PF Number is mission on salary slip then please contact the Human Resource Person for it.  Once you get your Provident Fund Number (PF No) then follow below given stepd to Check Your UAN Status.

Steps / Procedure to Check Your UAN Status

  1. Open link :
  2. Click on the link -> UAN Member e-Sewa ( located in the top right panel of window – as displayed in the picture).
    unifiedportal epfindia gov
  3. It will redirect you to the URL:
  4. In the top right there is a form for UAN Login and exactly below the form there are Important Links.
  5. Under important links Click on link -> Know your UAN Status to Check your UAN Status.
    check your uan status
    Check Your UAN Status
  6. In “Know Your UAN” form, Kindly enter the mandatory information:-
    Know your UAN Status

Information Required to Check Your UAN Status

  • First of all, Enter Member ID that is your EPF Number divided in to five parts. Region/Office Location/Establishment Id/Establishment Extention/Member ID. Your EPF number contains 22 characters that looks like HRKNL14901710000000201. First two characters denotes state that is HR and represents Haryana in this case. Next three characters denotes office location that is KNL and represents Karnal. Next seven digits denotes your establishment id followed by Next three digits that denotes establishment extension. If your PF number does not have extension then you can leave it blank. The last seven digits denotes your member id.
  • If you don’t know your EPF Number then you can click on AADHAR or PAN checkbox and enter your AADHAR or PAN No. But you can use this option only if your AADHAR or PAN is updated in EPFO ( Employee Provident Fund Organisation ) Records.
  • Your Name as in the EPFO Records.
  • Your Date of Birth as in the EPFO Records.
  • Give a Mobile No that you possess as PIN would be sent on the given mobile number.
  • Email id is optional but we highly recommend to enter an email id.
  • In the captcha field enter the characters as show in the image above the field.
  • After filling all the necessary information take a moment to re-check and when you are satisfied Click on “Get Authorization Pin” Button.
  1. The EPFO SMS Service send an OTP on given mobile no. The text message looks like as below:-

    EPFO SMS Service. Dear Member, Your OTP pin corresponding to OTP id XXXX is XXXX. please use this pin to activate your UAN.

  2. On next page EPFO Unified Member Portal show all the information supplied along with a Disclaimer Message:
    I declare that the details provided above belong to me. I understand that my mobile number will be recorded and in case of any complaint regarding misuse of the facility and/or false declaration as given above, my details may be handed over to the appropriate authority for suitable action.
    benefits to check your uan status
  3. Check “I Agree” checkbox to accept Disclaimer warning. Enter OTP and click on “Validate OTP and get UAN” Button.
  4. Finally the member receives its UAN Details on his/her mobile no through text message.

Advantage to Check Your UAN Status

An Universal Account Number lets you enjoy all the online facilities offered by EPFO Unified Member Portal. UAN simplifies the process of maintaining an EPF Account. We have listed few major advantages of having an UAN number.

Benefits of UAN (Universal Account Number)

  1. After UAN Activation, you can easily know your EPF Balance Status through EPF Passbook, missed call and SMS.
  2. You can link all your previous EPF Account under One UAN Account.
  3. You can easily check and download your EPF Passbook anytime on Unified Member Portal.
  4. UAN Automatically Transfers the EPF Balance from one account to another account after the job switch.
  5. UAN Account when linked with Aadhaar Number will let you to online withdrawal from your PF account without any interference of your employer.
  6. After activation of your Universal Account Number, employee gets monthly updates of PF contribution through SMS on your registered mobile no.
  7. You can update your personal details, mobile no and email address online.

Now you know your Universal Account Number but what to do next? First of all activate your UAN Account. Please click here for Step by Step guidance on UAN Activation.

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