How to View / Download EPF (Employee Provident Fund) Passbook using UAN (Universal Account Number) Online?

EPF Passbook Download UAN – If you are an EPF ( Employee Provident Fund ) contributor and you want to see detailed passbook of your EPF Account then you must have to know your UAN (Universal Account Number). If you don’t have your UAN then ask your employer for your UAN. EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation) allots the UANs of all EPF contributing employees to the employer. If your employer does not provide you with the UAN,  then try to find your PF (Provident Fund) Number on your payslip. If you can’t locate the PF number or PF number is missing on your payslip then ask the HR person for it.

If you have your UAN (Universal Account Number) issued by EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation) then before you can view / download your EPF Passbook you must activate you UAN Account. Click here for step by step information regarding UAN Activation.

If you don’t have you UAN but you have EPF Number (Employee Provident Fund Number) then before you could view / download your EPF Passbook, you need to know your UAN. Click here for step by step information on how to Check your UAN Status (Universal Account Number) from EPF Number.

Steps for EPF Passbook Download UAN

  1. Open any web browser like google chrome, mozilla firefox, microsoft edge and in the address bar type
    it is always better to use latest version of any web browser.
  2. At the home page under “Our Services“, click on For Employees link and a new webpage will open.
    uan passbook for employees
  3. On the new webpage under “Services“, click on Member Passbook link and a new webpage will open in new tab.
    uan passbook epf passbook
  4. A new webpage will open in a new tab titled Member Passbook Facility with a login form. Enter your UAN and Password and click on Login Button.
    epf passbook download uan


    (A) This facility is to view the Member Passbook for the members registered on the Member Portal.
    (B) Passbook will be available on the next day after registration at Member Portal.
    (C) Changes in the credentials at Member Portal will be effective at this facility on the next day.
    (D) Passbook will have the entries which has been reconciled at the EPFO field offices
  5. After login the portal will display all the EPF account linked with your UAN Number. Click on the EPF Number for which you want to see the detailed passbook.
    view epf uan passbook
  6. It will generate and show EPF Passbook for the account you clicked in PDF format. As shown in below image, The passbook displays all the details of EPF account and a monthly statement of all the deposit by employee, employes, withdrawal by employee, employer and total pension contribution.

    uan member portal passbookepf passbook download uan :To download this EPF UAN Passbook click the donwload button on the top right of your browser window.

Video Tutorial for EPF Passbook Download UAN

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